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Sunday, 25 January 2015

UNRAVEL LYRICS: Ida Maria - I Like You So Much Better When You're Naked

Oh the clever
Things I should say to you
They got stuck somewhere
Stuck between me and you

She's clever, but things she should say to him got stuck somewhere between them. He's probably the hot band dude (idk why he should be a band dude but... well... band dudes are sexy), hot enough to make her speechless.

Oh I'm nervous
I don't know what to do
Light a cigarette
I only smoke when I'm with you

He's that guy! That kind of guy whose girl smokes because of him! You know, the "thug" kinda guy? No? Oh well. But she's nervous around him and she doesn't know what to do, so she lights a cigarette but only when she's with him. Y'know?

What the hell do I do this for?
You're just another guy
OK, you're kind of sexy
But you're not really special

She's questioning her actions for him, she've met probably TONS of similar guys like him but... well... he's kinda sexy but he's not really special or so she thought. Girl, we know that he's special!

But I won't mind
If you take me home
Come on, take me home

No, she won't mind anything he does nor what she does as long as he takes her home. Nothing matters.

I won't mind
If you take off all your clothes
Come on, take them off

Again, nothing matters as long as he takes off his clothes. Because he's hot. And sexy. And a band dude.

'Cause I like you so much better when you're naked
I like me so much better when you're naked

Because he looks sooooooooooo much better when he's naked than covered in clothes! Duh. And his nudity makes her likes herself more. You know? You know?

I like you so much better when you're naked
I like me so much better when you're naked

Sex. Period.

Conclusion: He's the sexy hottie band dude (why do i keep insisting he's a band dude smh) and she's the band geek who got toner (you know? toner? a musical boner? i saw it.) over him. This song is about sex.
Rating: 4.05 stars

About Unravel Lyrics: written interpretation of song lyrics by your humble host of blog Dilla Nanditya. Probably not the best place to find the real meaning of the song.

Saturday, 24 January 2015

UNRAVEL LYRICS: Feist - My Moon My Man

My moon, my man
So changeable and
Such a lovable lamb to me

So she refers her man as her moon, probably a metaphor for a light in a dark, but he's also changeable thus makes him a lovable lamb to her. Someone who easily adapts? Or maybe he changes himself to be what she desires and obeys anything she said. A male submissive?

My care, my coat
Leave on a high note
There's nowhere to go but on

She takes her cares and her coat then she leaves? But then she says that there's nowhere to go but on.... on what? Don't leave me hanging.

Heart on my sleeve
Not where it should be
The song's out of key again

Her heart is on her sleeve. Not where it should be, which is clear because heart belongs on your chest. But maybe she's saying that her heart is on her sleeve which is a metaphor for arms and arms do the works so "heart on my sleeve = heart on my act"? Yep. The interpretation is out of key again.

My moon's white face
What they're gonna face?
It's the calendar page again

She's talking about period. Obviously.

Take it slow, take it easy on me
Shed some light
Shed some light on me, please

Now she's asking him to shed some light on her. Perhaps, her life is so dull or maybe she had committed crime before thus making her life's dark. If that's the case then it matches the line "my moon, my man"; her man giving her lights again. But she's asking him to take it slow. Something with her past, maybe?

My moon and me
Not as good as we've been
It's the dirtiest clean I know

If she's consistent and the moon still refers to her man then she's probably saying that they're on couple's rough times and they've seen better days together. Maybe they're on the edge of a breakup. The line "dirtiest clean" is a contradictory and it might be also refers to her and her moon; her being dark and gloomy and her moon being the light and lovable happy lamb. Maybe we can conclude that this couple is a peculiar couple with so many differences they lost count.

My care, my coat
Leave on a high note
There's nowhere to go
There's nowhere to go

Again, she's leaving on a high note with her care and her coat, yet there is nowhere to go. I'm guessing that she was alone and lost with dark past then he came and bringing love and light into her life. Now she's leaving again with nowhere to go. Yep. Breakup.

My moon
My moon, my man

This particular line feels like she's remembering her lover one last time. Her moon, her man.

Conclusion: This is a breakup novelly song starring a troubled heroine and cute hero. The love story didn't go well.
Rating: 3.25 stars.

About Unravel Lyrics: written interpretation of song lyrics by your humble host of blog Dilla Nanditya. Probably not the best place to find real meaning of the song.


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  2. I haven't write here in a while as you guys probably already notice and I'm sorry for that but like I said, this semester has been crazy so far and I'm afraid it's going to get busier since the twelfth graders are preparing for final school exam and national exam which makes the tenth and eleventh graders are sent home to "study at home" my teacher said but "holiday" every honest and realistic human being said. So the teachers are pretty much on the race of let's-finish-this-subject-ASAP-so-that-you-won't-be-left-behind-on-your-exams-but-let's-just-pretend-that-you-understand.
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Thursday, 22 January 2015


Because I love you.
I love you and
I love him and
I love him and
I love her and
I love him and
I love them so
I love you.
I love all of you.
I loved you.

Sunday, 11 January 2015

oh what a beautiful afternoon

I went upstairs for the first time in years and I watched as the sun set.

It was not amazing, it was nowhere near spiritual experience, but as I watched the sky colour changed and my mind wander I was like

"whoa look at that cloud it looks like a mermaid swimming away"

"wait that cloud looks like a lion chasing that mermaid"

"and that cloud between them looks like something that fights the lion"

"maybe that cloud looks like a horse"

"no wait the head's wrong that's not a horse"

"more like a bison"

"but the body isn't big enough to be a bison"

"it's a horse body"

"what about the mouth? the mouth looks like horse's"

"yeah with bison's nostrils"

"idk man what the hell is that"

"maybe it's a horse with the head a mixture of bison and horse"

"why am i getting turned on by that"

"fuck i'm not a zoophile"

"oh look the mermaid's getting away"

"no the mermaid stays it's the lion that's left behind"

"oh so the horse-bison shit did its job well"

"wait look"

"holy fuck"

"the lion turns into a mermaid!"

"oh my god jesus did not die for this"

"what the hell?"

"sorry felt the urge to say that"

"smh oh nO WAIT LOOK"





"AAAAAND yep washed away"

"ew look is that horse-bison unites with the mermaid"

"oh no what an ugly creature"

"we better get out of here shit is going down"


"did you just"