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Sunday, 29 March 2015


So tomorrow school begins, and I find it quite frustrating to me. It's not that I've hadn't had enough holiday for a week; I had a 'good' holiday, rather pleasant, so there is actually no reason for me to feel devastated at all upon the fact that tomorrow is Monday and this is the last day of my holiday. It's just that I find the idea of meeting people I rather dislike or even straightforward frown upon is quite unappealing. And the ridiculous idea about the curriculum is also not very interesting to me. I still don't get it why am I forced to learn something that I don't really care about and probably won't even applied in my life, not even once. School is about learning, yes. But you can't throw some shit on us then wondering why the intellectual rate hasn't raised. You give us bullshit and we'll give you crap as a response. That's how it works.

Yes, it is true that I don't know what will and what will not applied in my future - maybe I will work in some farm where hydroponics are the main attention and shit, but I don't think that I need to learn that through the formal way: school. You can't decide what we should and should not learn in school then wonder why we can't make our own decision. I think everyone should decide themselves what they want to learn. True, in Indonesia, now the high schools have three majors: science (IPA/MIA), social science (IPS/IIS), and language (Bahasa/IBB) [limited to few schools only] but there are also other subjects that we are forced to learn whether we like it or not. I'll be blunt: I don't give two shits about religion; who you are is defined by how you act, regardless what's your belief or even if you're an atheist or a theist. I don't care. But yet I am forced to learn about my religion in such manners that it turns my curiosity off. I mean, yeah, I get it, the majority of people in this country are Muslims and even if not so, majority of people still believe that religion is what most matters (and they're not wrong, too) but do you really have to shove that on my face? Along with botany stuff and all the laws and unrealistic idealism and highlighted glory of our history and complex mathematics that are actually quite unnecessary and how to light a lightbulb? Dude, there are these dudes working as what we call electricians! Sure it'll be a nice thing to practice on zombie apocalypse but do I really need to know all the numbers? (answer: yes)

No, I don't hate school. I know some cool people only school was capable of making our paths crossed and I know some cool teachers and some cool stuff to do along with some other cool lessons to learn. I just hate the fact that I have limited to none choice of what I want to learn in school. And the tests! I can be a genius in art but you'll never know that because I can't find its X and I don't know Y.

I love that algebra pun, by the way.

School starts in nine hours forty minutes. Let me drown in tears of desperation by.e

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Movie Review: Whiplash

One word: Sick.

Oh man I'm writing this right AFTER I watch Whiplash. I mean, the credit title is practically still rolling. Whiplash was awesome, brutal, arrogant, and somehow deep. Let's be a little poetic here: it echoes through your body and resonates through your soul. If you want something harsh, watch Whiplash. If you want something sweet, watch Cinderella. As simple as that.

The story follows Andrew who wants to be a great drummer someday. He practices, he practices, he practices. But somehow, he's still not good enough and his mentor said, 'If you want it, earn it.' And that is exactly what he did. He earned his position but through couple of not so good circumstances, he lost it. He lost it and he quits, and his mentor got fired but when they meet again, his mentor, Fletcher, offers him a position in his new band, saying that Andrew is better than the current drummer. The truth is, Fletcher is an asshole and he traps Andrew. But Andrew is... amazing. He nailed the band, he nailed the jazz festival, it's all in Fletcher's face. And he deserves it. Andrew's spirit amazes me throughout the movie although, well, he did one time act like a jerk when he dumped his girlfriend but that's okay I guess because she also get what she deserves and that is someone better than Andrew. OOOOOOOHHH.

If you think being nice and kind and do some 'hard works' are enough to make you reach your dream this movie will bitch-slap you with reality. Because sometimes, no matter how bad you want it and how much you've tried you still won't get it. But eventually you will get it if you want it bad enough, bad enough that you won't stop even if your hands are bleeding; bad enough that you'll keep going even if you just had a car accident, or even though the one you idolize turns his back on you.

I... I've got nothing else to say.


Oh, and if you're looking for a rather more 'objective' and 'professional' review, you can read it in Madaboutmoviez.com. I found one really good it makes me think back about the movies.

Movie Review: Insurgent

Let me tell you what I think: I think this review will contain what may come out as an unpopular, rather controversial view. But I'm going to write it anyway.

I really hope they wouldn't make the Allegiant movie.

Don't get me wrong, I like Veronica Roth and I love this adaptation of Insurgent, more than the Divergent one. But the moment the credit title rolls, I knew, I knew that the adaptation has come to an end and another sequel might just as well ruin the whole adaptation. I have no idea how book series adaptation into movies work, but I guess you don't really have to make the WHOLE series a movie. Well, I really do hope so. And if people tell me that, it's not finished yet! We don't know how they will survive beyond the walls and what happened to Caleb and Peter and even Jeanine or Jack Kang! Newsflash:

There is a thing called an open ending.

No stories are obligated to give the audience a conclusion, unless, of course, you prefer children bedtime stories which require a moral conclusion because many adults think kids can't make up the conclusion themselves (which is so goddamn wrong) but anyway. I personally like an open ending as long as it wasn't forced and Insurgent was NOT forced at all. Allegiant will only feel like an added, probably unnecessary sequel.

So why there was an Allegiant book in the first place?

Simple. Because the Insurgent book left some holes that needed to be filled and that's where Allegiant book came from. But the movie, well, I've told you that. The movie didn't have any holes that need to be filled in. It was complete.

But let's talk about Insurgent movie now and this is a SPOILER AREA so if you haven't watch the movie I suggest you to SKIPSKIPSKIP the upcoming paragraph. Or not. I love spoilers.

Tris experiences PTSD - Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder after witnessing her own parents' death and killed her friend. Tris, Four, Peter, Caleb, and Marcus are in Amity now and Tris keeps dreaming of everyone eventually know about the murder and blame her and the guilt is weighing her down. But she needs to keep moving, right? Well, long story short, Peter betrayed them (wow, surprise, surprise!) and the three of them (Marcus was left in Amity) ran from the Dauntless, met the Factionless and met Evelyn Eaton. Oh my God she's still alive! But their 'hospitality' in the Factionless didn't last long. Four insisted that they need to find other Dauntless which just happened to be with Candor. Caleb said he will be more useful for the Abnegation and the three of them parted. The moment Four and Tris walked into Candor they are arrested. Four managed to make Kang, the leader of Candor, to held their trial with the truth serum in Candor's headquarter instead of handing them to Erudite. There, the truth spilled. Four said that he was controlled in a simulation, along with other Dauntless, to kill the Abnegation. Jeanine made him do so. But Tris was able to stop him. Tris revealed how Jeanine did the simulation and that she wasn't controlled because she's Divergent, but that doesn't mean she didn't hurt anybody. She witnessed her mother died, then her father, then she shot Will because he was under the simulation. "Thank you for your candor" echoed. That night, the Dauntless who took side with the Erudite attacked Candor, looking for any Divergent, but the mission that night failed. All the Dauntless who's on Tris and Four's side moved to the Factionless, where Jeanine used the bullets that were shot to everyone that was in Candor to control Christina, Hector (Lynn's brother), and Marlene to make the announcement: Hand Tris over, or they will all die. Marlene couldn't be saved. Tris eventually gave in and did as Jeanine told her to. It just happened that why Jeanine needed her was so that she could open the box that contained a message from their 'founders', but the box must be opened through all faction's simulation, thus only a Divergent can open it. Peter betrayed Erudite, saved Tris along with Four who came to Erudite to look after her, but Tris said they needed to open the box, and there's only one more simulation left: Amity's. Four and Peter (given no other choice) agreed to get Tris into the lab; Four guarded Tris and Peter messed with Erudite's security to allow them in. In the simulation, Tris learnt that Amity is about forgiving others and herself, so she forgave herself for killing Will, for keeping secrets from everyone, for disappointing her parents. The box unlocked, and the only reason Max and other Dauntless didn't kill her was because Jeanine, obsessed with the box, told them not to. The recorded message was a woman who says that their city was an experiment, and if there's Divergent among them who succeed on opening the box, congratulations. The experiment was nailed. Now, it's time for them to go beyond the walls of their city, living with other human. Jeanine was defeated when other Dauntless with the Factionless came and Four played the message in every city's monitor. The people were excited and together, they walked toward the city's wall. Credit title.

Phew! Wow! Welcome to the spoiler-free area! Thanks for staying with me. Let's talk about how awesome Insurgent was!

The actor and the actresses. Shailene Woodley and Miles Teller NAILED THEIR CHARACTERS. They were so awesome if none of them gets nominated I'd be so disappointed. Then other characters, too, are awesome, but I was amazed by Tris and Peter. The movie was pretty much different than the book but for the first time in probably forever, I think the movie was better than the book. No hard feelings, Veronica Roth. You're still awesome. Then there was the Factionless! Although.... they look more like Dauntless. Where was the mix of factions' clothes? Most of them only wear black and black and a bit of colour but that's it. Why Four needed so much time to finally tell the Factionless he's Tobias Eaton a bit confuses me, but I guess that's because he wanted to avoid his parents as much as possible. Then the simulations Tris went through! They all felt so real I was surprised how can one separates their reality from the simulation they were just in? I guess that's what makes me not a Divergent. I would say that the storyline in the movie was also a bit shorter than the book but I guess we're talking about duration here and nothing felt forced or left insatisfyingly unexplained. Everything was right in their own places and I really want to congratulate Tris for being honest and forgiving to herself even though she went through a really hard time to get there. It's never easy to forgive what we've done.

Congratulations and thank you to all the crew and actors and actresses who made the Insurgent movie possible, also thank you Veronica Roth for making the Divergent series. Ouch this feels like a goodbye. Don't worry, if they insisted on making the Allegiant move you guys will probably see me again next year rambling about it. But I stand my ground: please don't make another sequel. Insurgent is a perfect closure for Divergent.

Rating: 9/10.

Monday, 23 March 2015

Musical Review: We Are The In Crowd (WATIC)

Believe it or not I just discovered them today. Like, two hours ago. Or more like an hour and half ago. I was browsing through YouTube music videos and stumbled upon their The Best Thing (That Never Happened) mv. It sounds really bitter and harsh and clearly indicates a post-breakup heart broken song. And I was right. Eheheheeeyy of course I'm right.

I usually don't really like such songs, you know where the singer feels just so betrayed and blame everything on their ex (kinda like Taylor Swift's songs, only that this is the pop-punk version of it) and I was, ew. But a commenter on the video said that those songs are actually very personal and emotional for the lead singer (which is female, btw, so the Taylor Swift vibe is kinda strong in this one - and surprise, her name is Tay, too!) because they were written after she broke up with Alex ATL who dumped her for his current fiancee. And I quote this from my comment on one of their music video where it features Gaskarth:

Alex Gaskarth looks exactly like that hot sexually active guy who will capture your heart with his smile then break it by kissing another girl, like, you know, the accidentally villain but true asshole you found in contemporary teenlit novels. And Taylor Jardine is the shy girl, amateur in love and just happens to caught Gaskarth's attention. They went out for date couple of times, Gaskarth made Jardine felt special then shatter her imagination of them together forever by making out with the CCP girl. Any writers here? Because this is writing material.
 Because, hey, it looks exactly like it! I kinda feel sorry for Jardine, she probably didn't know what was coming. But anyway, it's in the past and it has nothing to do with me even though currently I'm obsessed with ATL's albums. Oh well.

Many, many people said that this band is similar to Paramore and Tonight Alive. I've listened to Paramore on my early teenager rebellion age but not Tonight Alive, so I'm not going to say anything on that. But I'm guessing people are saying so because both bands consist on single female member and that female member is the lead singer. Both Paramore and WATIC's musics are pop-punk so I also get where the opinion come from. But I don't think that they are very similar. I mean, yeah, if you're comparing WATIC to the old days Paramore you'll get the similarity. But comparing them to the nowadays Paramore? Nope.

Their music is pretty fun to dance around to on your bedroom and your living room and your kitchen. Probably. I haven't done that. Like I said, I just discovered them probably an hour 45 minutes ago so I haven't got the chance to do so. One thing though, the singer(s) remind me of The Hush Sound. No, not because they are similar, not in the same genre. But both bands, WATIC and THS, has a female lead singer and a male singer. I was going to say 'backup' but they do more than just backing up. They got their own lines to sing so I guess... part-time singer full time guitarist?

I give them 6/10. Yes, I can be cruel and sadistic when it comes to giving ratings. Why I choose to give them six out of ten is because for the past an hour and 50 minutes I've been listening to their songs and even now while I'm typing this but I still haven't get what makes their music unique. What will make people recognise their music as theirs from like, the first seven seconds. But I guess they're pretty good. The band formed in 2009 and no member ever leave or replaced, compared to SWS which was formed in the same year. I guess WATIC will only get better and eventually they'll find their own voice. And I hope for no member departure or replacements. I hate those kind of things - not that it matters, tho.

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Why So-Called Positive Comparison Isn't Positive AT ALL

Everyone compares. That's the truth. It's almost as if comparing is now a human natural instinct. Some do it on purpose some others don't. Between so many comparisons there are few that I call "positive comparison". Not that it's any better than any other type of comparison, but these comparisons are meant to make one feel the need to be better than oneself. Example given (and that's what e.g. stands for for those of you who don't know): Class A is doing better than Class B. I - we - get that a lot.

From the example I gave to you, I hope you already see how lame so-called "positive comparison" is. Everyone get it; the teacher wants the kids in Class B to improve so that they can match Class A, but more often than not, it only makes the Class B kids dislike the teacher. True story.

While the true intention of positive comparison is to move the compared one motivated to do better, it also implicitly states that there is something wrong with the compared one. Maybe it's one's method of studying, maybe it's one's way of applying makeup, maybe it's one's way of tying one's shoes, etc. And it's not nice. It's not nice and it's not motivating at all. If you raise your kids with this positive comparison hoping they'll grow some competitive character, yes, they will. But they will also likely to compare themselves, always feeling like they are worse when they see someone does it better, and they will see their own self worth only based on their ability of doing better than others. If you want your children to grow up into a person like that, go ahead. I personally don't.

And I personally don't like comparisons. Period.